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Orthopedics FAQs

What is a hospitalist and why doesn’t my family doctor see me while I am in the hospital?

In the past, doctors would care for their patients both in the office and at the hospital. Today, many doctors have a hospitalist care for their patients in the hospital. A hospitalist is a doctor who practices exclusively at the hospital. Patients who are cared for by a hospitalist often have shorter hospital stays.

How will I get in touch with a nurse while I’m in the hospital?

We have many room amenities, including a handset, which is a hand-held device that calls your nurse when you push the “nurse” button. You can also push the nurse button on the side of your bed.

When you press the button on the handset or on the side of the bed, someone will either enter your room to help you or the health unit coordinator (HUC) will answer you via an intercom system. If you are answered on the intercom system, the HUC will relay your request to your nurse.

When you arrive in your room, you will be oriented to your room and taught how to use the buttons to call your nurse.

How will I know who is a nurse (RN) and who is a patient care technician (PCT)?

At Miami Valley Hospital, the nurses will be wearing navy blue or white scrubs and the patient care technician will be wearing sandstone scrubs.

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