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Surgical Pain Services

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) is the first hospital in the U.S. to become disease certified by the Joint Commission for the Prevention of Chronic Intractable Pain. The MVH Pain Center provides care using current techniques and medications to reduce surgical pain. Treating your surgical pain to the best of our ability, may help prevent chronic pain from developing.

Our Surgical pain services help patients who are experiencing:

  • Chronic pain
  • Side effects from pain medications, or the medication is not providing relief
  • Tolerance 
  • Uncontrolled pain of any type
  • Present or past addiction issues

Options available for pain control include:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, or medications that target the pain source
  • Ice at the incision
  • Numbing solution at the site or to nerve endings that cause pain after surgery  
  • Pillows to support your incision when coughing or moving
  • Light electrical stimulation

If you are having surgery and would like to talk with someone about your pain control choices before you are admitted or during your stay, please call (937) 208-5153.

MVH also has a Pain Service that can help while you are a patient in the hospital. If you find that you have uncontrolled pain, talk with your Doctor or nurse about an inpatient pain consult.

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