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Neurointerventional Care at Miami Valley

Neuro Interventional
It was September 2010 when Monte Ramsey’s life took a turn he didn’t expect, and today he’s very grateful Premier Health (Premier) is committed to building a healthier community.

While lifting weights in his basement, Monte said he felt a ‘pop’ somewhere in his head. “My eyes started blurring and I was really having trouble keeping them open.” The 42-year-old yelled for his wife who took him to Atrium Medical Center. Physicians at Atrium decided Monte needed to be transferred to the Neurointerventional Center at Miami Valley Hospital, the Premier hospital where he could get the advanced treatment he needed for a cerebellum hemorrhage or brain bleed. Monte was taken by CareFlight to Miami Valley Hospital where Dr. John Terry, a neurointerventional physician, took over.

It is estimated there are only 300 neurointerventional physicians in the nation. Three of these highly-trained physicians practice at MVH offering 24-hour, seven-days-a-week coverage. The neurointerventional specialists use minimally invasive technologies to treat patients with vascular problems due to brain, spinal cord, head or neck disorders.

Dr. Terry performed an arteriogram by using advanced imaging for guidance. Dr. Terry was able to thread a microcatheter through the blood vessels leading into the brain. Neurointerventionalists use this minimally invasive technology to treat many complex disorders—including all types of strokes—making a lower risk of complications, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery possible.

Dr. Terry used a clinical “super glue” to block off the connection where the bleed was occurring. Months later Dr. Terry performed another arteriogram, which showed the bleeding had slowed down on its own and no more treatment was necessary. Dr. Terry continues to follow up with Monte, and has given him the okay to resume his daily activities.

“I am so thankful to Miami Valley Hospital and Dr. Terry,” said Monte. “They gave me my life back.” By investing in physicians who bring the skills and technology necessary for building a healthier community, Premier Health continues to deliver its mission. 

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