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What to Expect During Your Image Guided Breast Biopsy

At Miami Valley Hospital Breast Centers, an ultrasound machine or a stereotactic biopsy machine is used to guide the radiologist during an image guided breast biopsy. A small piece of breast tissue is taken for testing. This biopsy is done when a breast imaging exam shows an area that does not look normal. An image guided breast biopsy is faster, less painful and has few complications compared to a surgical biopsy.

During your image guided breast biopsy:

  • An area of skin on your breast is cleaned and the biopsy area is numbed.
  • The radiologist may use a stereotactic biopsy machine or an ultrasound machine to find the area of breast tissue that needs to be removed.
  • If a stereotactic machine is used you lie on your stomach with your breast through an opening in the table.
  • If the ultrasound machine is used, you lie on your back while the radiologist finds the area to insert the needle.
  • Once the area of the abnormal breast tissue is found, a needle is inserted into your breast to draw out the tissue samples.
  • After the biopsy is done, our nurse places a bandage over the area. The nurse presses on it for a few minutes to make sure any bleeding has stopped. Then a new bandage is placed on your breast with a small ice pack that can be slipped inside your bra. After the biopsy, you can drive home or go back to work.

Learn more about Image guided breast biopsy at Miami Valley Hospital.

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