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Breast Biopsy

Most women who have an abnormal exam do not have breast cancer but have a benign breast problem. A breast biopsy is a procedure in which part or all of a suspicious breast growth is removed and examined.

At the Miami Valley Hospital Breast Center, if a breast imaging exam shows an area that needs to be biopsied, an Image Guided Needle Biopsy is performed.  During the Image Guided Biopsy, a needle is used to obtain a sample of the area in question. The incision is about a half-inch long. The tissue obtained with the needle is sent to the Pathology Lab for analysis.

An Open Surgical Biopsy is usually done as a same-day procedure in an operating room at Miami Valley Hospital. The tissue of the area in question, as well as some adjacent tissue, is surgically removed. The incision is usually a little larger. The tissue obtained is sent to the Pathology Lab for analysis.

In both biopsies, the results are available to your physician usually within 72 hours.

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