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Breast Ultrasound

At the Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Breast Center, ultrasounds may be performed along with a diagnostic mammogram for follow-up to a known problem. Ultrasounds may be the imaging of choice for patients 29 years of age and younger.

We use ultrasound imaging of the breast to distinguish between solid tumors and fluid-filled cysts. We also use it to evaluate lumps that are hard to see on a mammogram.

Sometimes, ultrasounds are used along with other diagnostic procedures such as a biopsy. A biopsy is the removal of tissue with a needle for examination under a microscope to evaluate for signs of disease. For your convenience, all of these diagnostic services are housed in one location at the MVH Breast Center and the Breast Center at MVH South.

Ultrasound is not used for routine breast cancer screenings without a mammogram because it does not consistently detect certain early signs of cancer such as microcalcifications (tiny deposits of calcium in the breast that cannot be felt but can be seen on a conventional mammogram). A cluster of microcalcifications may indicate that cancer is present.

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