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Miami Valley Hospital Breast Center

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Breast Centers have a strong commitment to your health and well being. That’s why we offer you the latest techniques in screening and diagnostic mammography. We also offer diagnosis of breast cancer with less-invasive biopsy procedures than other practiced methods. The comprehensive Breast Cancer Program at MVH offers you care from diagnosis through treatment and follow-up.

At the MVH Breast Centers, results of the diagnostic mammogram are received at the time of your exam.  A board-certified radiologist is on staff at all times to give an expert reading of the mammogram and address your results when needed.

The Site-Specific Cancer Conferences at MVH Cancer Program are guided by physicians who meet to discuss individual patient cases to determine which treatment has the best chance of stopping tumor growth, shrinking tumor size, or removing the tumor. Tumor size, growth stage, aggressiveness, and position within the body must all be factored into this fight.

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