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The Moment Video Transcript

Jen:  It was perfect.

Stephanie:  Breathtaking.

Erica:  Awesome.

Patrice:  I don’t know which word to use.

Brooke:  It’s…kind of mindblowing.

VThe moment you first hold your baby is one of the most important moments of your life.

Amanda G:  I think I held him and said “You’re beautiful.” And then I looked at my husband and said “Can you believe that he’s ours?”

Stephanie:  When I held my daughter for the first time nothing else mattered.

Jen:  I wish I could just take a snapshot of that moment and keep it forever and ever.

Miami Valley has more experience and more ways to care for you and your baby than any other hospital in this region.

Hortencia:  It’s something that you cannot describe.

Leyna:  Is this real? Is this really happening? Is this a dream? Am I a mom? I’m a mom!

Brooke:  I don’t know anything better than that feeling.

Miami Valley Hospital.  Only the best for you and your baby.

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