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Pulmonary Services

The Pulmonary Medicine program at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) offers award-winning services to patients with lung disease and other respiratory conditions.

Our recent awards include:

  • MVH Pulmonary Care was ranked 43rd in the nation by U.S News and World Report Off Site Icon  
  • HealthGrades Off Site Icon 2013 Awards, including:
    • Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™ (2009-2013)
    • Ranked Among the Top 10% in the nation for Overall Pulmonary Services (2009-2013)
    • Five-Star Recipient for Overall Pulmonary Services (2009-2013)
    • Five-Star Recipient for Treatment of Pneumonia (2007-2013)

Services Offered

We offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient pulmonary services, including:

Conditions Treated

We treat all lung and other pulmonary conditions, including:

  • Asthma  
  • Bronchial tube infection (infection in the tubes that carry air to and from your lungs)
  • Chest infections, such as pneumonia  
  • Emphysema  
  • Lung cancer and complications
  • Pulmonary/lung fibrosis
  • Respiratory failure (condition that occurs when not enough oxygen passes from your lungs into your blood or when your lungs cannot properly remove carbon dioxide from your blood)
  • Sepsis  
  • Sleep apnea (shallow breathing or pauses in breathing while you sleep)

Patient Education

We believe the best outcomes occur when patients are informed about their health and actively participate in their own recovery. Miami Valley Hospital’s highly trained staff uses a method of education to make sure you feel confident and prepared to care for yourself at home. Follow up phone calls are made to high-risk patients after you leave the hospital.

Before you are discharged from the hospital, we will:

  • Give tips on how to manage your condition at home, such as how to get secretions out and expand your lungs
  • Provide counseling, including smoking cessation counseling (if needed)
  • Schedule follow-up visits
  • Fill medication prescriptions

Our Pulmonary Medicine Team

Miami Valley Hospital’s Pulmonary Medicine team is dedicated to helping you achieve your optimal quality of life. Our team of specialists works closely with you to develop a personalized self-management plan that fits your lifestyle. We then help your family and others involved in your care understand this plan.

Our interdisciplinary Pulmonary Medicine team includes:

  • Bedside nurses (oversee patient education and coordinate your care)
  • Case managers (coordinate your services)
  • Chaplains (provide spiritual support and counseling)
  • Dietitian (advises you on the best way to nourish your body to promote healing)
  • Occupational therapists (help you regain your ability to do every-day tasks)
  • Pharmacists (provide counseling on the proper use of your prescribed medications)
  • Physical therapists (help you improve movement and manage pain)
  • Pulmonary & Critical Care Consultants Off Site Icon (specialized team of doctors lead by Dr. James Murphy, Medical Chief of Staff)
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program  
  • Respiratory therapists (assist with your breathing treatments and education)
  • Social workers (help you find and access services you might need in your local community)

COPD Disease Management Program

The COPD Disease Management Program is an interdisciplinary team devoted to the care and symptom management of the COPD patient population, using scientifically proven, best care practices.

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