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99 Reasons for a Screening

If you are looking for that extra push to schedule a Cardiac Health Assessment, take a look at our list of 99 Reasons below. You can also submit your own reason to encourage other community members to take control of their heart health.

Though Premier HeartWorks offers no guarantee on your health, we can offer you health information to lead a healthier lifestyle.

99 Reasons to visit Premier HeartWorks

I should visit Premier HeartWorks because...

  1. It's simple and easy.

  2. It only takes one hour of my time.

  3. My wife wants me to.

  4. It's a one-stop shop for heart health.

  5. The diagnostic testing can all be done in one convenient location.

  6. The follow-up treatment is done by my primary care physician.

  7. An investment of sixty minutes can save my life.

  8. I'll know what to expect during the appointment since I visited 

  9. It's as simple as making a phone call.

  10. It's a "spa" day for my heart.

  11. The diagnostic testing is non-invasive.

  12. I can't afford not to take advantage of this program.

  13. It's the smartest $89 investment I can make for the future.

  14. It's less painful than going to the dentist.

  15. I want to see my kids get their first jobs.

  16. It's less expensive than filling up the gasoline tank of my SUV.

  17. It's equal to the cost of one month of digital cable.

  18. I want to see my children grow up.

  19. I want to be able to attend high school graduation of my grandchildren.

  20. It's the same price I would pay for a manicure, pedicure, and haircut.

  21. I'd like to be around to spend my retirement savings.

  22. I want to spend my golden years with my wife.

  23. I can schedule an appointment around the same time as my spouse.

  24. It's a great gift to give someone I love.

  25. It doesn't matter if I have health insurance - it's one low price.

  26. It's a small price to pay for a little peace-of-mind.

  27. It's a bargain valued at $700.

  28. I want to move my kids into their first dorm room.

  29. I want to bandage my grandchildren's knee.

  30. I want to look great in that little black dress.

  31. I want to discover the beauty of fruits and vegetables.

  32. I want to hold my grandchildren.

  33. I want to coach my kids' sports.

  34. I want to run a 10K.

  35. I want to be able to read bedtime stories to my grandchildren.

  36. I want to see if gas prices ever go down.

  37. I want to take my grandkids fishing.

  38. I want to beat the wait on the elevator by taking the stairs.

  39. I should give my heart the respect it deserves.

  40. I can impress my friends with my heart knowledge.

  41. I want to travel to faraway lands.

  42. I don't want my spouse to spend his/her retirement years pushing me around in a wheelchair.

  43. I want to dance at my grandchildren's weddings.

  44. I want to collect seashells with my grandchildren.

  45. I want to snap the photo of my child before the high school prom.

  46. I want to coach my son's soccer team.

  47. I know I need to make the lifestyle changes I've been thinking about for a long time.

  48. I want to take a trip to outer space.

  49. I want to be mistaken as 10 years younger.

  50. I need to keep up with my grandkids.

  51. I want to live for at least 100 years.

  52. I want to spoil my grandkids-and then return them to their parents.

  53. I want to walk my dog without getting short of breath.

  54. I want to be able to travel after retirement.

  55. I want to hike to Kilimanjaro or Mt. Everest.

  56. I want to vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

  57. It's the only heart I've got.

  58. I haven't felt great lately and can't figure out why.

  59. I look into my children's eyes and I know it's the right thing to do.

  60. I want to enjoy time with my family and not be riddled with worry.

  61. I look forward to walking my daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

  62. I've been feeling tired and fatigued lately and can't explain why.

  63. My life depends on it.

  64. I have children I care about.

  65. If I love my family - I'll make the appointment.

  66. My family background includes a history of heart attacks.

  67. In 80 percent of cases - heart disease can be prevented.

  68. I have been feeling chest pain that comes and goes and I don't know why.

  69. I am feeling lightheaded at times that I shouldn't.

  70. My doctor says my blood pressure is on the high side of normal.

  71. My father passed away in his forties and I don't want that to happen to me.

  72. High cholesterol runs in my family.

  73. I don't have the healthiest eating habits.

  74. My right arm gets really stiff and I don't understand why.

  75. I would rather not be one of the millions of Americans that finds out I have heart disease when it's to late.

  76. I've been short of breath and nauseous all at the same time.

  77. I've been breaking out in a cold sweat and can't really explain why that's happening.

  78. My mom had a heart attack in her late forties.

  79. I will not be a victim of heart disease.

  80. Early detection saves lives.

  81. I am overweight and worry about how that puts extra stress on my heart.

  82. I get tired more easily that I used to.

  83. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family.

  84. I need to be aware of my heart risk.

  85. I want to brag about how high my HDL is.

  86. It's truly what's inside that counts.

  87. I want to know my heart health numbers.

  88. I'd like to learn that there is such a thing as good cholesterol and fat.

  89. I have inherited more than just my good looks from my parents.

  90. I can empower myself with knowledge.

  91. I want to be in control of my health.

  92. I don't know if I'm at risk.

  93. I need to be kind to my heart.

  94. It can make a difference in my future quality of life.

  95. I need to lighten the load on my heart.

  96. It's never too early to take care of your heart.

  97. I know I need to make the lifestyle changes I've been thinking about but I don’t know where to start.

  98. I can be proactive with my health.

  99. I can schedule an appointment by simply calling (937) 438-LIVE  (5483).