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What Makes Us Different

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) is recognized as a leader in cancer care in Dayton, Ohio and the surrounding region. The comprehensive oncology (cancer) team provides high quality care and services for cancer patients and their families. This team’s commitment to high standards of care is evidenced by the cancer program’s continuous approval by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer since September 1965.

MVH Cancer program offers medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology and a full range of diagnostic and treatment services. In addition, the cancer program offers specialized services  such as Gynecologic Oncology which specializes in care and treatment of women with gynecologic cancers and the region’s only Blood and Marrow Transplant Program with a dedicated blood and marrow transplant unit and staff.

MVH physicians diagnose and treat a large percentage of all cancer cases in the region. We have a comprehensive cancer team which offers all types of cancer treatment:

  • Care coordinators
  • Certified genetic counselor
  • Clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners
  • Dietitians
  • Gynecologic oncologists
  • Medical oncologists/hematologists
  • Nurse navigators
  • Nurses
  • Oncology pharmacists
  • Pathologists
  • Radiation oncologists
  • Radiologists
  • Social workers
  • Specialists – pulmonary, urology, gastroenterology
  • Surgeons
  • Surgical oncologists

MVH is proud to have this dedicated team of cancer experts. It is this specialized team that differentiates our Cancer Program from other cancer programs in the region.

MVH’s Expanded Cancer Facilities and Staff

Our new Comprehensive Cancer Center at Miami Valley Hospital South brings together all the resources for fighting many types of cancer, while keeping you close to home.  The center offers medical oncology, chemotherapy, advanced radiation therapy, surgical oncology and gynecologic oncology all under one roof to promote seamless flow throughout the many care providers.

MVH Cancer Certifications

MVH Cancer Program physicians are board-certified in all specialties. This level of expertise gives patients a solid backing in their fight against cancer. The Cancer Program at MVH is also accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer with multiple areas of commendation.

Many oncology nurses at MVH have achieved the national certification of “oncology-certified nurse.” Certification is a voluntary process. It signifies a nurse has developed specialty knowledge beyond the entry level. Oncology Certified Nurses have met or exceeded requirements for practice in cancer care, have completed education in oncology nursing, and have tested knowledge of the specialty.

MVH Cancer Program Battle Plan

Battling cancer at MVH Cancer Program is a team approach. Helping you in your fight are multiple teams:

  • Site-specific cancer conferences
  • Interdisciplinary team
  • Integrative care management team
  • Professional and community educational offerings

MVH Cancer Treatment Plans

The Site-Specific Cancer Conferences at MVH Cancer Program are guided by physicians who meet to discuss individual patient cases to determine which treatment has the best chance of stopping tumor growth, shrinking tumor size, or removing the tumor. Tumor size, growth stage, aggressiveness, and position within the body must all be factored into this fight.

MVH has regularly scheduled, disease-specific conferences called multidisciplinary conferences (MDCs). There are MDCs specific to breast cancerthoracic cancers, and gynecologic cancers and hepatobiliary/pancreatic cancers.

The oncologists' tactics often combine a variety of tools. For example, radiation may be used to shrink the tumor so the surgeon has a smaller tumor to remove through surgery. The interdisciplinary team works together to develop the treatment plan for each patient.

MVH’s Broad Treatment and Support

The Interdisciplinary Team at MVH Cancer Program gives patients support across broad areas of treatment. The team includes: physicians, nurses, clinical nurse specialists, clinical trial nurses, dieticians, social workers, chaplains, palliative care specialists, a clinical pharmacist who specializes in oncology, two breast cancer navigators and a genetic counselor. The team specializes in cancer and can help patients explore their options.

The Integrative Care Management Team (ICM) at MVH’s Cancer Program is responsible for coordinating the care of cancer patients during their hospital stay. Members of the team include nurse care coordinators, a social worker and an oncology/surgical clinical nurse specialist. The ICM team works closely with all members of the health care team in providing comprehensive care and a seamless discharge transition. This team works to fill patients’ individual needs, communicate with insurance, monitor outcomes, and act as a resource for patients. They help with the transition from hospital to home or hospital to hospice.

Breast cancer navigators are available to assist women through the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The breast cancer navigators provide patients with educational information regarding breast cancer and breast cancer treatments as well as information on supportive services at MVH and in the community.

MVH Cancer Program Weapons

Great advances are being made every day in the fight against cancer. The word "fight" is appropriate for treating cancer since each patient gets his or her own battle plan that's accessed and modified as the fight progresses.

The three major "weapons" at MVH Cancer Center are surgerychemotherapy, and radiation therapy, used alone or in combination. Hormone Therapy and Biotherapy/Targeted Therapy,  blood and marrow transplant, and the da Vinci Robot® for minimally invasive surgeries such as gynecologic surgeries and prostatectomies. These are a few of the many unique tools offered by the MVH Cancer Center.

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