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Patient Stories

Our cardiologists and staff care for hundreds of patients through the course of a year, but each person's story is unique. Meet some of our patients and read about their life-changing experiences.

Barb's Story
“I discovered a 90 percent blockage in one of my arteries”.  
Read Barb’s Story
Randy's Story “My acid reflux was part of a bigger issue.” 
Read Randy’s Story
Dick's Story“My heart now beats at a normal rate, thanks to Stereotaxis.”
Read Dick’s Story
Tonya's Story“My leaky heart valve is proof women should take care of their hearts.”
Read Tonya’s Story
Richard's Story“Therapeutic hypothermia minimized my brain damage after cardiac arrest.” 
Read Richard’s Story
Marcia's Story “They caught me before I had a heart attack.”
Read and Listen to Marcia’s Story

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