Our Philosophy of Nursing

Nurses at Miami Valley Hospital consistantly strive for quality, individualized patient care, with an appreciation for the entire being: body, mind and spirit.  Quality care is enhanced by the commitment of each professional nurse.  Every nurse has the right and responsibility to participate in decision making processes that influence nursing practice.  Effective communication is the cornerstone of collaboration, collegiality and professionalism; it is encouraged and facilitated, thereby creating a dynamic environment which promotes professional growth.   

Our Mission

MVH will be the top provider of comprehensive and cost-effective services. Our goal is to deliver the highest-quality patient care and service to the greater Miami Valley region.

Our Vision

The vision of nursing at Miami Valley Hospital is to be recognized as the best place to practice nursing.  MVH will lead the region as the choice for innovative professional nursing practice, based on compassion and best practice.  MVH will be nationally recognized for creating a healing, healthy environment for patients, families and staff.

Our Core Purpose

The core purpose of nursing at Miami Valley Hospital is to make a difference in the unique lives nurses touch through professional, expert and compassionate care.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe nurses:

  • Provide care with an understanding that each person's health reflects a balance between body, mind and spirit.
  • Are patient advocates who create safe passage for their patients.
  • Provide care based on best practice that is founded in compassion, service and integrity.
  • Provide care in collaboration with the patient, family and the interdisciplinary team.
  • Are empowered and accountable for instilling confidence in care through every interaction with patients and families.
  • Mentor and teach in order to enhance care and strengthen practice.
  • Are accountable for their professional development and unique contribution to the profession and the organization.
  • Are motivated by providing high quality care and being part of the team.
  • Use effective communication as the cornerstone of patient care, collegiality and professionalism.
  • Are leaders that play a role in shaping the future of halthcare and professional nursing.

The Power of Shared Governance

TriForce LogoWhile a shared governance model was first developed in 1988, revitalization of the model gave birth to the current MVH Triforce Council. The Council promotes autonomy and empowers all nurses across the organization to guide, develop, implement, and evaluate nursing practice.

The remarkable work of the Triforce Council has led to positive patient outcomes including reduction of falls, improved IV phlebitis rates, and other key clinical outcomes. This shared governance model was featured in a poster presentation at the Ohio Organization of Nurse Executives (OONE) annual meeting, winning first place. 

Peer Review

The Peer Review Committee is now an official component of Triforce Council.  An essential piece to receiving Magnet designation, peer review supports a collegial environment, leadership development, and individual nurses moving from "novice" to "expert."

Nursing Peer Review is intended to support each nurse's development and create a professional, collegial environment. The Peer Review Council, part of the shared governance model, facilitates an on-line, annoymous review process by which nurses receive feedback to enhance their practice.

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