Recognizing the Value of Nurses

Nurse Recognition

During National Nurses' Week, we have the tradition of recognizing MVH nurses for their contribution to patient care delivery. The week includes one full day and an evening of special programming, gifts and a keynote speaker.  All nominations are reviewed by the nurse recognition committee.

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 We Are Recognized by Our Peers.


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 Recognized by our Peers. 

 Wall of Excellence

In addition, MVH nurses are eligible for the "Wall of Excellence" honoring employees for their contribution to our hospital's Patients First standards. Since the inception of the Wall of Excellence, MVH nurses have been recognized consistently for their wonderful contributions to patient care and the work environment.

 Cameos of Caring

Each year the Wright State University (WSU), Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health presents Cameo of Caring awards to one nurse at each of the Dayton-area hospitals and health care agencies. The prestigious Cameo of Caring honor was first conceived by Ellen Rudy, dean of the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing in 1998. Dr. Rudy decided that "it was time to honor those unsung heroes on the front lines of health care." Since WSU began their Cameo of Caring tradition in 2001, they have raised more than $125,000 in scholarship funds for WSU nursing students. Fifteen hospitals and health care agencies now participate in this special annual program.

MVH nurses who have been honored with this award are:

Patty Schairbaum, BSN, RN, ATA/Express Adm. U (2012)
Claudia Hurd, BSN, RN, CCRN, PACU (2011)
Shannon Kidd, RN, Shaw Emergency and Trauma Center (2010)
Mary Vandagriff, RN, 5NW Cardiology (2010)
Trish Jenkins, RN, Intensive Care Unit (2009)
Kim Lane, RN, Shaw Emergency and Trauma Center (2009)
Jenny Spalding, RN, Rehab Unit (2008)
Tracy Morrison, RN, NICU (2007)
Kathy Feldman, RN, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (2006)
Ann Crenshaw, RN, Radiation Oncology (2005)
Nancy Sweet, RN, CareFlight Air and Mobile (2004)
Roni Miller, RN, ICU (2004)
Adrian Miller, RN, Enterostomal Therapy (2003)
Linda Raterman, RN, Advanced Care (2002)
Annette Brumberg, RN, Inpatient Rehabilitation (2001)

Each of these deserving nurses was selected as a Cameo of Caring recipient for demonstrating the true spirit of nursing by making a difference in the lives of patients and families.

Patty Schairbaum, BSN, RN
Claudia Hurd, BSN, RN, CCRN
 Kidd HS
Shannon Kidd, RN
 Vandagriff HS
Mary Vandagriff, RN 
 Jenkins HS
Trish Jenkins, RN
 Lane HS
Kim Lane, RN 
 Spalding HS
Jenny Spalding, RN 
 Morrison HS
Tracy Morrison, RN 
 Feldman HS
Kathy Feldman, RN
 Crenshaw HS
Ann Crenshaw, RN
 Sweet HS
Nancy Sweet, RN
 Miller HS
Roni Miller, RN 
 A. Miller HS
Adrian Miller, RN 
 Rattermann HS
Linda Ratterman, RN
 Brumberg HS
Annette Brumberg, RN 


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