Our Nursing Staff

The Division of Nursing at Miami Valley Hospital uses the uses the Positive Actions for Care Excellence (PACE) approach for delivering patient care services. PACE focuses on the patient and his or her family by incorporating primary care with case management/care management. Specific managed care guidelines are continually being developed and implemented in collaboration with physicians and other key health care members to provide quality care with the efficient utilization of resources.

Experienced and knowledgeable Registered Nurses work in partnership with LPNs or Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) to make appropriate plans of care for the specific patients at MVH. When a patient is admitted to a unit, the patient is assigned a RN, (Clinical Nurse I, II, III, or IV) who is a direct caregiver responsible for the nursing plan of care in correlation with the medical plan. The Clinical Nurse directs care by utilizing physician orders and the Patient Admission Assessment and Treatment Plan form.

Medical Staff Affiliates will be able to determine which Clinical Nurse is responsible for each patient by checking the assignment board on a given unit, which lists the RN's name with patient assignment. The Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) can notify the RN of your presence on the unit for Physician/Nurse Rounding.

Each unit has Shift Managers, (RN) with management knowledge who are responsible for direct patient care and the operations of the unit for the shift in which they work. The unit has a Nurse Manager who has 24-hour responsibility for the patients and staff on the designated unit. The Nurse Manager reports to a Director of Nursing who in turn reports to the Vice President of Hospital Operations responsible for the Division of Nursing.

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