Frequently Asked Questions

Medical staff who are considering a position at Miami Valley Hospital often ask similar questions about the community or the hospital. Here are a few of those frequently asked questions:

Q. Where is the hospital located?
A. Miami Valley Hospital is located at One Wyoming Street, off South Main Street (Route 48) in Dayton.

Q. How many beds are in the hospital?
A. Miami Valley Hospital currently has 974 licensed beds.

Q. How many physicians are on staff?
A. Currently there are more than 1,151 physicians on staff at Miami Valley Hospital.

Q. What opportunities are there currently?
A. Our current openings can be found by navigating to the Physician Opportunities tab.

Q. How long des it take to get an Ohio medical license and how do I obtain one?
A. The process to obtain an Ohio medical license can take three to six months.  Please visit Off Site Icon or call (614) 466-3934 for more information.

Q. What is the average cost of housing?
A. For the Dayton area, the average sales price of housing is $124,641.

Q. What are the rates of state and local sales and income taxes?
A. The region enjoys relatively low taxes with the range from 7 to 7.5 percent in state and local sale tax.

Q. Are there sufficient cultural and recreational opportunities such as museums, symphonies and theater?
A. The Dayton area offers many cultural opportunities, including the Dayton Philharmonic, Dayton Opera, Dayton Ballet, an African American contemporary dance company (DCDC), a world-class art museum, and the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum. We also offer a large Metroparks system and over 300 miles of paved recreational bike trails.  Less than an hour south of Dayton, Cincinnati has museums, theaters, and many other cultural and recreational opportunities, as well.

Q. Are there major/minor league or college sports?
A. The region enjoys major league sports teams from the Cincinnati Reds and Cincinnati Bengals, and minor league team Dayton Dragons (baseball).  Dayton also rallies around several college teams–the University of Dayton Flyers and Wright State Raiders.

Q. Are there good public schools? What private schools are available?  What about colleges and universities?
A. The region has some of the top rated public school system in the state of Ohio. There is also an abundance of private/parochial educational options. Dayton is also home to a dozen college/university and post secondary technical schools to fit any educational need.

Q. Do the local spiritual organizations fit my needs?
A. Whatever your spiritual preference, Dayton has a worship center/gathering place to match. Independent worship centers and those that are part of a large organized religion from Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhism and many more can be found in the region.

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