Clinical Research Center Staff

Contact the Clinical Research Center (CRC) Staff with questions or feedback you have about the Research program at Miami Valley Hospital.

David E. Uddin, PhD, DABCC
Phone:  (937) 208-2239
Pager: (937) 973-3765

Clinical Research Center Office
Phone:  (937) 208-2238

IRB Support
Carolynn Hellman
Phone: (937) 208-6013

Bioscience Center Coordinator
Dan Nolan, BS
Phone:  (937) 208-2858
Pager: 1448

Clinical Research Center Support
Tom Gariety, MBA
Phone: (937)208-5013

Lead Research Nurse
Laurie Chowayou, RN, BSN, CEN
Phone: (937) 208-2913
Pager 1188

Gyn-Onc Research Nurse
Ellen Cato, RN, OCN
Phone: (937) 208-3993

MFM Research Nurse
Kathy Fennig, RN
Phone: (937) 208-2466

Research Nurse
Kim Garrett, RN, BSN
Phone: (937) 208-3307
Pager 2722

Research Nurse
Ralf Mohr, RN, BSN
Phone: (937) 208-4878
Pager 1985

NICU Research Coordinator
Sue A. Mackey, RRT
Phone: (937) 208-6295
Pager: (937) 227-8760

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