Institutional Review Board

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) has transitioned to external Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) for review of research in which MVH is engaged.  This review is now being conducted by the Wright State University (WSU) IRB Off Site Icon and other MVH-designated external/central IRBs.  MVH requires that all research projects involving humans as subjects be reviewed and approved by an MVH-designated IRB prior to initiation of any research-related activities including data collection, recruitment and screening activities.  This policy applies to any of the following:

  1. Research sponsored by MVH
  2. Research conducted by any employee, faculty, staff, students or agents of  MVH in conjunction with their institutional duties 
  3. Research conducted by any employee, faculty, staff, student or agent using any property, or facility of MVH 
  4. Research involving the use of MVH’s nonpublic information
  5. Use of MVH’s nonpublic information to identify or contact human research subjects or prospective subjects.

The implications of engaging in activities that qualify as research that is subject to IRB review without obtaining such review are significant.  Results from such studies may not be published unless IRB approval had been obtained prior to collecting the data. If the IRB does not approve the research, data collected cannot be used as part of a thesis or dissertation.

Central Management for Clinical Trials

The MVH Clinical Research Center (CRC) is the administrative location for the MVH Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).  The MVH CRC will assist with protocol preparation and pre-IRB review upon request. Nurses specifically trained in the regulatory process are available to assist investigators.  Administrative support for consent documents and IRB applications is available.

How to Submit Your Research Proposal to the IRB

Learn more about Miami Valley Hospital Clinical Trial Application Process and find the forms you need to submit your research proposal to the IRB.

Intranet Resources

Go to the Clinical Research Center intranet page to access the following:

  • Find Information about the MVH Human Research Protection Program (MVH HRPP)
  • MVH Human Investigation and  Research Committee (HIRC)
  • Miami Valley Hospital Nursing Research Committee Meetings

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