The Clinical Research Center

The Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) Clinical Research Center (CRC) was established to develop, facilitate, manage and enhance research at MVH. The goals of the Center are to:

  • Facilitate, develop and promote relevant research, which contributes both to patient care and to the body of investigative literature.
  • Assist attending physicians, faculty, residents and students in obtaining a basic understanding of the research process at MVH.
  • Provide educational opportunities for healthcare providers utilizing high fidelity computer simulation devices.
  • Participate in industry-sponsored clinical trials in conjunction with the Premier Health -WSU Clinical Trials Research Alliance (CTRA)Off Site Icon.

The Bioscience Center and Orthopedic Specialty Training Laboratory

The Bioscience Center is a modern, well-equipped facility for support of overall hospital education activities. Unique capabilities include a microsurgical suite, a microvascular laboratory and a gross anatomy laboratory in addition to research laboratories. Various anatomy laboratories for resident training, CareFlight training, and mobile intensive care unit training are also conducted at the Center.

The Center maintains two adult and one baby SimMan® high fidelity, computer controlled simulators. Video recording is available for post-event review.

This facility provides a skills laboratory for training in unique orthopedic procedures.

Centralized Management for All Research Activities and Clinical Trials

The CRC serves as the focal point for all research activities at MVH and as liaison with WSU. The CRC staff assists in protocol development, providing guidance on institutional review board (IRB) procedures required by the WSU and other external IRBs.  CRC staff also provides access to software for statistical analysis, data entry, graphical presentations, manuscript preparation and logistic support to carry out protocols.

The central office works with the CTRA to manage industry-sponsored clinical trials.  Nurses specifically trained in the regulatory process are available to assist investigators. 

Administrative support for consent documents and IRB applications is available.

Location and Contact Information

Miami Valley Hospital Clinical Research Center (CRC)
Weber Center for Health Education, 6th Floor
One Wyoming St.
Dayton, OH 45409
(937) 208-2238 
Fax (937) 208-5075

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