Physician Support Services Team

The Physician Support Services team provides the resources to expand and develop the physician network of this region. We are engaged to promote cooperation between the hospital, its medical staff and other interested parties.

Your Physician Support ServicesTeam

Lori Goertemiller
System Vice President
Physician Support Services
110 North Main Street, Suite 356
Dayton, Ohio 45402
(937) 499-9140

Eric J. Sedwick
System Director
Physician Support Services
MVH Weber 4805
(937) 208-2482

Jamie Creamer
Manager, Physician Relations
Physician Support Services
MVH, Physician Dining Room
(937) 208-4548

Libby Donathan
Physician Liaison
Physician Support Services
MVH, Weber 4801
(937) 208-2767

Sherri Fischer
Administrative Assistant
Physician Support Services
MVH, Weber 4805
(937) 208-4797

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