Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) employs more than 50 Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) in a variety of settings. APRNs hold a Masters or Doctorate in Nursing and clinical training beyond their Registered Nurse preparation. They are trained and nationally certified to practice at an advanced level.

There are four types of APRNs: Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nurse Midwives and Nurse Anesthetists.  They work independently and in collaboration with physicians to provide care to acute and chronically ill adult and pediatric patients. Some of the services they provide can include; physical exams, ordering and interpreting tests and procedures, prescribing medications, and coordination of care with members of the healthcare team. Their practice also includes patient education and discharge planning.

Nurse Practitioners provide primary and acute care to their patients. They provide direct patient care and have a focus on the treatment and management of medical conditions in a variety of healthcare settings for patients across the lifespan.

Clinical Nurse Specialists are specialized in an area of healthcare practice who provide and manage care to individual patients or groups of patients with complex health problems. They can practice in a hospital setting or outpatient settings.

Nurse Midwives function as primary healthcare providers for women. They have special expertise in supporting women to maintain a healthy pregnancy birth, including individualized care, education, counseling and support to a woman and her newborn throughout the childbearing cycle.

Nurse Anesthetists provide anesthesia under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. They can provide care pre-operatively including evaluation, and post operative management. They perform therapeutic, diagnostic and obstetrical procedures. They also provide pain management and emergency services, such as airway management.

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