Dayton's First Magnet Hospital

What does Magnet status mean?

For nurses: Magnet status is an accreditation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Being recognized as a Magnet hospital says that Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) provides the very best in nursing care and upholds the tradition of professional nursing practice. MVH is an excellent place for nurses to work.

For other health care workers: The nurses at MVH could not have achieved Magnet status without their fellow hospital co-workers, and receiving the designation is also a direct reflection of the dedication and excellence all our employees exhibit each day.

For patients: Recognizing quality patient care and nursing excellence, the Magnet Recognition Program provides consumers with the ultimate benchmark to measure the quality of care they can expect to receive. As a natural outcome of this, the program elevates the reputation and standards of the nursing profession.

Nurse Satisfaction High at MVH

Nursing team members are empowered by the shared governance structure and ongoing positive work environment, as measured by the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators Satisfaction Survey. Key areas in the "Upper Confidence Limit" and "Top Quartile" performance include: RN-RN interaction, autonomy, decision-making, professional status, professional development, nursing administration, job enjoyment, teamwork, and satisfaction with the CNO. This data shows that the entire nursing team is working together to improve work environment and, ultimately, patient care.
Consumers Rate MVH Nurses High

For the tenth year in a row, Dayton-area residents named MVH as having the highest overall quality and image among the region's hospitals, according to the National Research Corporation (NRC). In addition, 42.5% of respondents named MVH as having the best nurses, the highest ranking in the Dayton area.

Physicians Respect MVH Nurses

The 2006 Medical Staff Survey netted positive scores regarding MVH nurses. Scores increased in a variety of categories including “quality of patient care delivered,” “adequacy of nursing staffing on the unit,” and “quality of nursing unit management.”

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