Bariatric Surgery Webinar Quiz

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1.Obesity is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the U.S.

2.Morbid obesity is not associated with co-morbidities.

3.BMI stands for Body Mass Index.

4.A BMI of 35-39.9 is considered “morbidly obese.”

5.Diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and high blood pressure are some of the risks related to being over weight.

6.Cancer rates are not attributed to body fat.

7.Surgery is the only proven long term method for weight control in morbidly obese individuals when all other therapies have failed.

8.With the gastric band it takes 1-3 years to achieve an average of 40-60% excess weight loss.

9.The sleeve gastrectomy limits the size of your stomach and the amount of food you can eat.

10.Gastic Bypass surgery is a good choice for those individuals who are snack food eaters or “grazers.”

11.The Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch has the highest risk of complications and the most metabolic complications.

12.The mortality in morbidly obese individuals is nine (9) times higher without surgery.

13.Weight loss surgery has no affect on medical co-morbidities caused by obesity.

14.Weight loss surgery is only a tool to help you loose weight along with lifestyle changes.

15.Miami Valley Hospital’s program is certified as a Center of Excellence.