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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation program at Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) is designed for those who have experienced cardiac disease, heart attack, stent placement, bypass surgery, valve surgery, or have stable angina (chest pain). Even after successful treatment or surgery, many patients wonder whether their heart can ever withstand the exertion of exercise and daily activity. Our program combines carefully monitored exercise, education, and support to help patients make a strong recovery and return to normal, productive lives. 

Steps to Success

At Miami Valley Hospital, we offer cardiac rehabilitation in three phases:

Phase I 

Beginning shortly after treatment or surgery, we assist the patient with “slow and steady” physical progress – the first step toward recovery.  

Phase II

A six to 12-week outpatient recovery program designed to help patients regain the confidence and stamina needed to return to their normal activities and work levels, our experienced cardiac rehabilitation nursing staff, exercise physiologist, and dedicated dietician will create an individualized program for each patient, which includes:

  • Monitored Exercise - Medically-supervised conditioning on treadmills, exercise bicycles, free weights, and other exercise equipment 
  • Nutritional Counseling - Instruction on heart-healthy eating
  • Behavior Modification Education - Counseling on personal stress management, medication management, smoking cessation, weight management, and other lifestyle modifications
  • Group Support - Encouragement and motivation for patients and their family members

To be admitted to phase II program, a patient needs a referral from his/her primary care physician or cardiologist. A recent stress test is recommended for admission. Medicare and other insurance providers frequently cover 50 to 100 percent of the phase II program costs. Prior to starting you should verify coverage with your insurance. Our staff can help if there are questions or concerns.  


For the recovering heart patient and for any person who is committed to a healthy lifestyle, cardiovascular fitness becomes a lifelong pursuit. For this reason, graduates of phase II cardiac rehabilitation may choose to enroll in the outpatient maintenance program. 

During maintenance, patients continue their recovery progress in a secure, familiar environment, while making the transition from monitored exercise to unmonitored, independent exercise. They also benefit from ongoing group interaction and support. Patients many continue in the maintenance program for as long as they wish to participate. Maintenance participations pay program fees out-of-pocket on a monthly basis.

Healthy Lifestyle - Cardiac

In addition to our three-phase cardiac rehabilitation program, we also offer our healthy lifestyle program. This outpatient program is designed for patients with a history of heart disease, but who have not experienced a cardiac episode or procedure for a year of more, and focuses on medically-supervised exercise session with cardiac monitoring and support. A physician’s referral is need to participate with this self-pay program. Our staff can provide information and assistance if there are questions or concerns.

Spouses Welcome

Family members and friends are encouraged to attend cardiac rehabilitation with the participant. Many patients welcome this kind of support and encouragement. Significant others often benefit from understanding cardiovascular disease, regular exercise and education in regard to living a heart-healthy lifestyle, too. Please check with our team about scheduling.

Taking the First Step

Whether you are a patient, the family member or someone with a heart problem, or simply a person who is concerned about cardiopulmonary fitness, our staff of skilled cardiac care professionals are glad to answer your questions about heart health or our program’s comprehensive services. 

To learn more about our safe, effective, and patient-centered approach to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation, or to take a tour of our center, please call us at (937) 208-2375(937) 208-2375

Directions to Cardiac Rehabilitation

Revised Cardiac Rehab Map

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Weber Center for Health Education
One Wyoming St.
Dayton, Ohio 45409

Please park in Miami Valley Hospital’s Visitor Parking garage (1) and take the West Elevator down to the G/Blue level.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is in the Weber Center for Health Education (2) on the first floor.

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Content Updated: April 23, 2018

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