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CareFlight Air and Mobile Services

When it comes to trauma and other life-threatening conditions, every second counts. CareFlight is an air-medical transport service and mobile intensive care ground service that provides fast access to critical care for severely-injured or ill patients. CareFlight has been an icon in the community for more than 35 years. It began as the first air medical program in the region and only the 65th civilian air ambulance program in the nation to fly critically ill or injured patients. Today, CareFlight Air and Mobile Services has grown to four helicopters, six ground Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICU), and a team of more than 100 professionals dedicated to the health and safety of those who need immediate medical care and swift transport. 

CareFlight’s team includes a medical director, pilots (all with experience flying military helicopters), flight nurses, paramedics, MICU/EMT drivers, mechanics, and communication specialists. Since 1983, the team has served more than 200 hospitals, more than 700 fire and police departments and completed more than 74,000 flights.

Working closely with local Fire Departments, EMS squads and referring community hospitals, CareFlight provides the fastest air medical transport in the region. Those transported to Miami Valley Hospital (MVH), the region’s only Level I Trauma Center, include cardiac, surgical, obstetrical, pediatric, and other critical care patients.

CareFlight’s helicopters are maintained and operated by Air Methods Corp, and the program has been accredited since 1994 by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Rapid Response

Miami Valley Hospital has numerous systems in place for rapid response when CareFlight brings patients to care, including Trauma Alert, AMI (heart attack) Alert, and CVA (stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic) Alert. Trauma Alerts that have needed specialists waiting and "Direct to Operating Room (OR)" availability shaves even more minutes off the time it takes to get patients to the right care at MVH.

Another system, put in place to speed help to those who need it, is the “Batphone.” The "Batphone" is a system that CareFlight has set up with other hospitals to minimize the time required to communicate need. At hospitals that frequently use CareFlight, a phone has been installed, often in the emergency room. This red phone has no dial. A physician or staff member simply picks up the phone for immediate contact with the Access and Transfer Center.

Superior Communication

The CareFlight Air and Mobile Services Communications Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by communication specialists who also have extensive emergency medical services (EMS) experience. 

The Communications Center works with the Access and Transfer Center to expedite patients in and out of a Premier Health facility. It is equipped with sophisticated mapping programs, satellite tracking systems, advanced radio communication systems including the Multi-Agency Radio Communications system (MARCS) and computer-aided dispatch.

CareFlight Air Transportation

Whether patients are experiencing a trauma, heart attack or stroke, CareFlight helicopters are available 24 hours a day and are ready to transport at a moment’s notice. CareFlight’s helicopters are based at three locations. Learn more about CareFlight’s Air Transportation.

CareFlight Ground Service

In addition to four helicopters, CareFlight includes six mobile intensive care units (MICUs) for ground transport. Learn more about CareFlight’s Ground Transportation.

CareFlight Team

CareFlight Air and Mobile Services’ team is made up of more than 100 highly trained professionals, comprised of experienced paramedics, registered nurses, pilots, mechanics, communications specialists and emergency medical technicians. Learn more about the CareFlight Team.

Access and Transfer Center

Physicians, emergency departments and intensive care units can call (866) 330-3444(866) 330-3444 to admit a patient or arrange for transport via CareFlight Air and Mobile Services through the MVH Access and Transfer Center. Learn more about the Access and Transfer Center.

CareFlight Education and Outreach

The CareFlight Air and Mobile Services team offers education and special outreach programs for area EMS and emergency personnel. Learn more about these programs.

Air Currents Magazine

Keep up with the latest CareFlight Air and Mobile Services news with Air Currents magazine.

CareFlight Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about advanced medical transportation available to trauma and critically ill patients.

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Content Updated: February 12, 2019

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CareFlight Education and Outreach

Learn about the training and educational opportunities available.


A Celebration of Life

After recovering from open-heart surgery, Eric Haas reunites with CareFlight, EMS and caregivers from Jamestown Emergency Center and Miami Valley Hospital to celebrate life.


Access and Transfer Center

To admit a patient or arrange for transport 24/7, call (866) 330-3444.


Air Currents Magazine

Keep up with the latest CareFlight Air and Mobile news.

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