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Patient Stories

Get inspired by stories from patients of Miami Valley Hospital’s Level I Trauma Center.

2019 Stories

 Austin's StoryAustin's Story 

Austin Boulevard Emergency Center brings full-service emergency care to Miamisburg and surrounding communities. View Austin's story.

2018 Stories

Haas HSEric’s Story

After recovering from open-heart surgery, Eric Haas reunites with CareFlight, EMS and caregivers from Jamestown Emergency Center and Miami Valley Hospital to celebrate life.View Eric's story.



Redmond HSMegan’s Story

Careflight Air and Mobile Services celebrates 35 years of service. View Megan's story.



Boucher HSKelly’s Story

Young Mother Survives Rare Crossbow Injury

“She would not have made it, had she not come here. And I believe that wholeheartedly, she would never have made it.” View Kelly’s story.


Coleman HSKenneth’s Story

Car Accident Victim Gets Second Chance at Life and Love

“Miami Valley is very well resourced. It is clearly very committed to the care of the injured patient and that's a cliché in a lot of the trauma world, but it's a reality here.” View Kenneth’s story.


Rizzo HSPaul’s Story

Experienced Skydiver Survives Multiple Injuries Following Jump

“He needed to go exactly where people knew what to do and people were available. The resources were there. Frankly, everyone along the way did everything right.” View Paul’s story.


Wilcox HSJonathan’s Story

Young Man with Traumatic Brain Injury Beats the Odds

“I'm just so thankful for the physicians that were on that day. They did not stop. They worked on him like it was their own child. I appreciate them to no end.” View Jonathan’s story.


2017 Stories

Ashley V in contentAshley’s Story

Car Accident Victim Gets Second Chance at Life
“There are certain cases and people that impact you, and it becomes part of you. This is one of those cases.” View Ashley’s story.


Byron in contentByron’s Story

Dayton Police Officer Helping Others Survives Icy Crash 
“95 percent of recovery is mental. Five percent is physical. I decided I’m not going to focus on what I can’t do. I’m only going to focus on what I can do.” View Byron’s story.


Elliot in contentElliot’s Story

Premier Health’s Trauma Network Provides Coordinated Care
“Initially, we did think about, did we need to get him closer to home. You know, back to Cincinnati. That was a short discussion. We quickly determined that Miami Valley was the place for Elliot to recover.” View Elliot’s story.


Rachelle in contentRachelle’s Story

Young Woman Loses Legs, Never Her Spirit
“I don’t see a child in a wheelchair right now that doesn’t have legs. I see a child that’s in a wheelchair that’s alive, thanks to so many wonderful people.” View Rachelle’s story.


Scott StoryScott’s Story

Man Survives Farm Trauma Accident
“We had called CareFlight. We knew he was going to have to go somewhere special and fast. I mean, if he was going to have any chance at all.” View Scott’s Video.

2016 Stories

John Sample story in contentJohn Samples’ Story

MVH Providers Put Injured Motorist on Road to Recovery
"From the EMTs, to CareFlight, to Miami Valley Hospital, everything happened the way it had to happen for John to survive." View John Samples’ story.


Devin in contentDevin’s Story

Multidisciplinary Care Helps Car Accident Victim Recover
"He died three times, and they brought him back. They didn’t give up on him, they didn’t give up on him at all.” View Devin's story.


Nathan in contentNathan’s Story

Surviving What Others May Not Have
"When one hospital says, ‘We couldn’t have taken you. We would have sent you to Miami Valley,’ that right there shows you the superior level of care, and experience, and education. This hospital can do things that others can’t.” View Nathan's story.


Preston in contentPreston’s Story

Gunshot Wound Victim Receives Life-Saving Care at MVH
"I feel like I met so many good people here. They took real good care of me. I’m able to tell my story.” View Preston's Video.


Rons in contentRon’s Story

MVH Trauma, Stroke Patient Recovers from Multiple Injuries
"Thank God for the doctors. I can’t express my admiration for them nearly enough because the things that they did were inhuman.” View Ron's story.


2015 Stories

Ashley in contentAshley’s Story

Leg Amputation Doesn’t Stop Survivor’s Spirit
"We can make it through anything. It doesn’t matter what life throws at us.” View Ashley's story.

Mike Ds in contentMike Diehl’s Story

Coordinated Care Saves a Life
"Besides saving my life and doing everything they could to save my arm, they treated me like a human being. They just didn’t treat me like a broken machine.” View Mike Diehl's story.


Bobby In contentBobby’s Story

Car Accident Victim Survives Multiple Injuries
"I’m good. My baby boy is here. My baby is walking around every day. It’s like a miracle, to be honest, to see him.” View Bobby's story.


Seans in contentSean’s Story

Student Survives Lightning Strike
We felt tremendous comfort and confidence and believe that Sean is where he is now because of the decisions that were made at Miami Valley Hospital.” View Sean's story.


Joes story in contentJoe’s Story

Teenager Survives Gunshot Wound
"You know, from the ambulance driver, to the police, to the helicopter pilot to the surgeon, to the nurse. If we did not have everybody playing their part, he wouldn’t be here.” View Joe's story.


Mike Cs in contentMike Cornwell’s Story

Survivor Takes One Day at a Time Following Accident
"Life is a blessing. Every day is a blessing. We were high school sweethearts. The fact that I wake up with him every day is a blessing.” View Mike Cornwell's story.


2014 Stories

Jareds in contentJared’s Story

Coordinated Care Saves a Life
"He came back to us in a miraculous type of way.” View Jared's Video.


Angies in contentAngie’s Story

Gunshot Victim Defeats the Odds
"I mean, what do you say to somebody who saved your daughter’s life? How many times can you thank them?” View Angie’s story.


Barrys in contentBarry’s Story

Car Accident Victim Gets Second Chance at Life
"He is so blessed to be here and miracles do happen. It’s so wonderful. I don’t know what I would have done if things had worked out any different.” View Barry’s story.


Paynes in contentPayne’s Story

Teenager Survives Traumatic Brain Injury
"Somewhere deep down inside, this kid knew that he needed to survive. Not just for himself, but for the people who loved him, and I think that makes all the difference in the world." View Payne’s story.


Josh's story in contentJosh’s Story

Victim Survives Accident to See Birth of Son
"Being a strong young guy, he actually recovered very quickly -- surprisingly quickly -- for the magnitude of his injuries.” View Josh’s story.


Robs in contentRob’s Story

Trauma Care Saves Farm Accident Victim
"I was that close, a couple different times throughout [this], and I’m just so thankful I’m here to slow down and enjoy life a little bit.” View Rob’s story.


Johns story in contentJohn’s Story

Firefighter Recognizes the Signs
"It was very comforting to have that many people that were concerned with my well being, that knew what they were doing.” View John’s story.

Content Updated: May 13, 2019

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