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The Neuroscience Institute at Miami Valley Hospital offers advanced diagnosis and treatment for complex neurological disorders. 

At Miami Valley Hospital, neuroscience specialists use their broad experience and advanced technology to offer patients comprehensive, compassionate care for diseases and conditions of the nervous system, including the brain and spine. 

The Neuroscience Institute combines care from physicians and surgeons in diverse neuroscience subspecialties, clinical neuroscience research and medical education. Patients benefit from treatments for medical emergencies and long-term conditions. Our physicians and surgeons have experience in diagnosing and treating:

Content Updated: February 1, 2019

Brain Tumor

Frequently asked questions about brain tumors, by Ania Pollack, MD


Advanced Surgery for Complex Tumors

Premier Health’s neurosurgeons treat brain and spine tumors, including skull base and pituitary tumors.


Clinical Trials Advance Care

Our patients benefit from new treatments available only in clinical trials.


Jillene's Story

The stroke team evaluated Jillene and identified that her vision loss in the right eye was a warning sign for a potential problem with the artery in the neck.


Neurointervention to Save Brain

Dr. Ludwig talks about new ways to stop strokes, treat brain aneurysms and more.

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