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What is ROSA?

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ROSA™ is a minimally invasive robotic surgical assistant used to enhance the safety and reliability of neurological procedures such as brain biopsies (ROSA™ Brain), surgical evaluation of epilepsy (ROSA™ Brain), and spinal fusions (ROSA™ Spine). ROSA is a robot with an arm that replicates the movements of a human arm, allowing for extremely precise positioning but also the ability for freedom of movement. The surgeon uses ROSA and its planning software to take a 3D scan of the patient’s brain or spine and map out the exact pathways needed to carry out the procedure. ROSA is programmed to these exact specifications outlined in the plan, and the surgeon carries out the surgery while easily interacting with the robot. Miami Valley Hospital is the first hospital in Southwest Ohio to offer ROSA™ Brain and the first hospital in the nation to offer ROSA™ Spine.

System Benefits

There are benefits of using ROSA™ Brain and ROSA™ Spine to both the patient and the surgeon.

  • Planning software and extreme precision improves the ability to reach the target, using the delicate surgical tools in the most effective way possible to avoid disturbing other surrounding tissue.
  • Can decrease the amount of time spent in surgery due to pre-planning, so the patient remains under anesthesia for a shorter amount of time.
  • All pre-surgical scans used for planning are performed without any frame or anesthesia, allowing for greater patient comfort.
  • Minimally invasive – for ROSA™ Brian, post-biopsy, only one small suture is needed to close the surgical opening and ROSA™ Spine allows for the ability of having two to three 1.5” incisions rather than a 7” incision when done in a non-minimally invasive manner.
  • Increases the offerings of Premier Health’s neuro-oncology program by providing highly accurate tools to perform spinal fusions and biopsy less accessible brain tumors.

Surgeons Training Surgeons

Miami Valley Hospital has ROSA™ Spine and ROSA™ Brain in the Brethen Center for Surgical Advancement in Robotics and Minimally Invasive  Surgery to be used for research and training, establishing the hospital as a Midwest training site for the ROSA Robotic System.

For more information on training opportunities with ROSA, call (937) 208-2239(937) 208-2239.

Download directions to the Brethen Center for Surgical Advancement in Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Content Updated: December 15, 2017

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