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Why Miami Valley Hospital? 

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Our approach to neurological care is centered on you. Whether you need emergency care, a specialized procedure or surgery, or support to manage a chronic condition, our specialized team offers you advanced, coordinated, compassionate treatment. 

Experienced Physician Specialists 

The physicians and surgeons of the clinical Neuroscience Institute bring together a broad range of experience to provide patients the full spectrum of neuroscience care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our team includes: 

  • Neurologists, both general and subspecialty-trained, including vascular neurologists, behavioral neurologists and neuromuscular specialists
  • Neurosurgeons, both general and subspecialty-trained in brain tumors, skull-base procedures, vascular, spine, trauma, movement disorders and more
  • Neurointerventional specialists
  • Neurocritical care specialists
  • Oncologists
  • Epileptologists/Neurophysiologists
  • Neuroradiologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychologists
  • Rehabilitation specialists
  • Pathologists
  • Hospitalists

They partner with doctors in many other specialties to provide the most appropriate and individualized care. 

Advanced Treatment Capabilities

From highly complex brain surgery to innovative neurointerventional procedures to surgical options for movement disorders, epilepsy and more, Miami Valley Hospital’s specialists offer advanced treatment options, close to home. Patients with neurological conditions and diseases can get the sophisticated diagnosis and treatment they need in Dayton. 

Level 1 Trauma Center 

Whenever traumatic injury affects the brain or spinal cord, Miami Valley Hospital’s trauma team is ready to respond. Neuroscience Institute physicians are on call around the clock, along with our neurosurgery operating room team, to perform emergency surgery for injured or ill patients brought to Miami Valley’s Level I Trauma Center, the only one in the region. Learn More.

Comprehensive Stroke Center and Telestroke Network 

Miami Valley Hospital has earned certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center by The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. As a Comprehensive Stroke Center, Miami Valley Hospital has met The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s high standards for complex stroke care. The Joint Commission-certified Comprehensive Stroke Centers are recognized as industry leaders and are responsible for setting the national agenda in highly specialized stroke care. Miami Valley Hospital is the first Joint Commission-certified Comprehensive Stroke Center in the greater Dayton region. 

Our stroke center includes 24-hour emergency stroke services and a stroke alert system to rapidly mobilize a team of experienced physicians to assess and treat stroke quickly, using clot dissolving drugs or endovascular stroke rescue. Premier Health’s TeleStroke Network enables patients to get the fastest treatment possible, which is essential for better patient outcomes. Stroke specialists assess and treat patients with stroke at Premier and other regional hospitals in real time using a computer with a monitor and video camera. This enables the patient to receive faster treatment where they are or to be transferred sooner for care. MVH also offers specialized nursing care and a comprehensive rehabilitation program to help stroke patients along their road to recovery. Learn More.

NEUROne Brings Specialized Neurology Care Close to Home

To improve outcomes for patients at local hospitals throughout the region, NEUROne brings Premier Health’s neurology expertise to the bedside using teleneurology. The private and secure NEUROne video conferencing system allows patients, family and the local care team to see and speak with the Premier Health teleneurologist, who can interact in real time with the patient. With access to the patient’s electronic medical record, the specialist can document and order testing. The NEUROne team follows the patient throughout their hospital stay, as necessary, and helps to transition to care after the hospital. NEUROne helps to ensure that patients can get highly specialized neurological care in their home community.

Dedicated Neuro Intensive Care Unit

Inpatients are cared for in our 36-bed neuro intensive care unit staffed by physicians specializing in neurocritical care as well as nationally certified neuroscience nurses. Our neuro advanced care nursing unit provides specialized nursing and physician care to less critical patients. 

Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

With Miami Valley Hospital’s new Level 3, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, physicians specializing in epilepsy offer diagnosis, treatment and support for patients with seizures. Treatment and diagnosis are provided through our advanced Epilepsy Monitoring Unit equipped with computer-assisted video EEG monitoring, located in the neuro intensive care unit, as well as an Epilepsy Surgery Program. Learn More

Translational and Clinical Research

As part of the Wright State University and Premier Health Neuroscience Institute, Miami Valley Hospital’s physicians work with neuroscientists at Wright State to improve neurological care for the community. Our physicians have grants to support translational research projects underway to investigate various disease processes in neuroscience. Through clinical trials, our staff evaluates new drugs, medical devices and surgical techniques and provides treatment options that otherwise would not be available to our patients. Learn More.

Neurology Residency Program 

Recognizing the nationwide shortage of neurologists, Miami Valley Hospital and the Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine introduced a new, fully accredited neurology residency training program in July 2014. The program eventually will host 16 residency slots, increasing the number of future neurologists to serve Premier Health patients. The Neuroscience Institute also trains medical students by presenting lectures and providing clinical experience to increase their knowledge and capabilities. 

A Resource for Physicians Across the Region 

Neuroscience Institute physicians partner with physicians from a multitude of specialties throughout Greater Dayton, offering Grand Rounds presentations, educational resources and consultations to ensure they have the latest information about caring for patients with neurological issues. 

Content Updated: November 6, 2018


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