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Billing and Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Premier Health (Premier) billing and insurance. Choose a question to find the answer or contact us for additional information.

When and how often am I billed?

If you have insurance, you will receive an informational statement soon after your visit to let you know your insurance company has been billed. It will show the amount billed to your insurance provider.

Please read the IMPORTANT MESSAGE box for additional information about your account. This statement will be sent to you about every 28 days to let you know if your insurance provider has paid its portion.

After your insurance company has paid its portion, we will send you a statement that shows the amount that has been paid and any balance that you are required to pay. This is your bill.

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Why are there bills from various doctors?

Hospital charges and physician services are billed separately. While you were a patient at Miami Valley Hospital, there may have been physicians involved in your care that you didn't even see, such as the pathologists in the lab or the radiologists in the Imaging Department. These physicians are not employees of MVH and are required to bill for their services separately.

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Will you bill my primary and secondary insurance?

As a service to you, we will bill your primary and secondary insurance providers as long as we have your insurance information on file. After your primary insurance provider has paid its amount, your secondary insurance will be billed. In order to provide you reliable billing services, it is important that you notify us of changes in your insurance coverage.

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Do you offer payment arrangements?

If you are unable to pay your balance in full, contact us immediately. One of our customer service representatives can help you set up payment arrangements or offer other alternatives.

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Why did insurance deny my claim?

Your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid benefits may not pay for some supplies and services you receive at the hospital. The hospital will bill you for these noncovered services after the insurance company pays its part. If you have questions about what your insurance will pay, please contact your insurance company.

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I don't have insurance. Is there help available?

If you will not be able to pay your hospital bill, contact us immediately. A financial counselor can help you find out if you qualify for financial assistance, either through Premier Health or another program.

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How do I find out if Miami Valley Hospital or a physician at the hospital is covered under my insurance plan?

Miami Valley Hospital is covered by most major insurance plans in southwest Ohio. Please consult your insurance plan to verify that the hospital and your physician are included in the plan. If they are not, ask your insurance provider to find out which hospital or physician you should use for care.

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Content Updated: November 20, 2014

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