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Miami Valley Hospital Programs by Appointment Only

Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) offers the following programs by appointment only.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program
Location: MVH
The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can help you rebuild your self confidence and endurance. It is a major step toward your road to recovery. There are different phases of rehabilitation.
 A team of registered nurse’s, exercise specialists, and registered dietitians, provide education and exercise therapy tailored to your individual needs .Together these professionals will guide you toward a healthy lifestyle that includes regular aerobic exercise, low fat diet, stress reduction and a new sense of well-being.  The different phases of Cardiac rehabilitation will help you rebuild your self-confidence and endurance. 
Appointment is required
Fee: Most health insurance plans offer reimbursement for phase 2
A physician referral is needed.
For more information contact: Brenda Bodenmiller
(937) 208-2135(937) 208-2135

Diabetes Self-Management Education
Location: Bull Family Diabetes Center
This comprehensive series is geared toward individuals newly diagnosed with diabetes or individuals needing self-management education. The series focuses on developing skills for self-management and covers pertinent diabetes-related information, meal planning, medications, exercise, and handling high/low blood sugars.
Call (866) 608-FIND (3463)(866) 608-FIND (3463) for more information.

Healthy Lifestyle Program
Location: MVH
Help reduce your risk for heart and vascular disease.
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Various times by appointment.  Includes 12 exercise sessions within a 6 week period plus education classes and 1:1 meeting with the dietitian.
Fee: $170.00
Appointment is required
For more information contact Brenda Bodenmiller
(937) 208-2135(937) 208-2135

Premier HeartWorks 
Location:  MVH
A comprehensive evaluation of risk for heart attack and stroke.
All tests are done in one hour session. Meet one-one with a Cardiovascular nurse and dietitian. What is included is a comprehensive cardiac risk assessment: Personal health and family medical history, ABI (ankle-brachial index), lab work (fasting lipid profile, fasting blood sugar, C-reactive protein), b/p, ht./ wt. (BMI), waist circumference, ECG, and a consult with a dietitian. All results are reviewed by a board certified cardiologist.
Appointment is required.
Fee: $89.00
A physician referral or insurance approval is not required for the screening
For more information contact Brenda Bodenmiller
(937) 208-2135(937) 208-2135

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
Location: MVH
Learn how to live effectively with lung disease. Each participant receives a personalized rehabilitation program based on evaluation, education and exercise. The staff includes respiratory therapists, nurses, exercise physiologists and dietitians.
The program lasts 6-10 weeks depending on the individual needs. Participants attend 3, 60 min. sessions per week.
Appointment is required
Fee: Most health insurance plans provide reimbursement for pulmonary rehabilitation.
A physician referral is needed.
Call (937) 208-3617(937) 208-3617 for more information

Smoking Cessation Counseling
Location: MVH
One-on-one counseling by appointment (four sessions) which will give you a positive behavior approach to becoming tobacco free.
Fee: covered by Medicare and most insurance plans.
Call (937) 208-3617(937) 208-3617 for more information.

Sports Advantage
Location: MVH Sports Medicine Center
This program for the competitive and recreational athlete improves agility, footwork, quickness, strength, power, body control, and more. Sessions are scheduled weekdays by appointment. Gift certificates are available.
Fee:  Sports Advantage costs $250 for 12 sessions, $300 for 15 sessions, and $360 for 20 sessions.
Call (937) 208-2111(937) 208-2111 for more information.

Content Updated: May 31, 2016

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