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What is the Spine Center with Nicolas Grisoni, MD Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Nick Grisoni and I’m one of the orthopedic spine fellowship training surgeons, and I'm one of the surgeons that provide care at Miami Valley South’s new Spine Center. It's a very unique place where now we can offer spine care in a community setting and patients, once they've maximized non-operative treatment and are candidates for our type of surgery, can come down to this facility where they can obtain multidisciplinary care from both the surgeon, physical therapist, the nurse, and stay at a nice private-type setting for postoperative recovery. We offer any type of surgical intervention for most, many spinal pathologies including deformity, trauma, disk-herniations, stenosis, when the nerves get pinched, to help alleviate these symptoms.  And, patients, once they're seen in our clinic setting are allowed to come to Miami Valley Hospital for surgery. It provides a smaller type of community setting and a very relaxed atmosphere where they can recover in a very nice, private, hotel-type setting here at Miami Valley South Center.

So we see a variety of spinal disorders, both operative and non-operative, and as usual we try to maximize non-operative care in patients with spinal disorders, but once they've maximized their non-operative care and it's affecting their quality of life, there are other interventions available, such as surgery. We see patients in our outpatient clinic, and some of our providers have clinics here at Miami Valley South, which makes it very convenient for our patients so they can come down to x-ray and all of their imaging modalities and therapies, and laboratories are done here at Miami Valley South, so it's contained in one center.

Once we evaluate these patients, and again have failed on non-invasive treatment, and they are a candidate for surgery, then we can offer patients intervention. Depending on the type of pathology, the severity, that will be determine the type of surgery they're going to have. Patients can expect a thorough education with our spine team and that includes not only the surgeons, but also the rehabilitation people, the nursing facility, so a team approach that we’re able to provide at this South Spine Center. Once these patients are educated and understand their pathology, then we can talk about the invasive treatment. Now these treatments can be minimally invasive so patients can come into the hospital and have surgery and leave the same day, so it's as an outpatient type surgery, or depending on the extent of their pathology, they may stay a few days. The hospital is able to provide those inpatient facilities, such as a nice private room with one-on-one nursing facility, they have a very private room for their family not only to stay, but also so they can recover in a more hotel, friendly-type of environment. The patients have commented they really enjoyed their stay here and they've had excellent things to say about our nursing facility because they feel very well taken care of.

Once the patients have surgery again, the postoperative rehabilitation includes not only the one-on-one nursing care facility, but physical therapy. All our patients are seen by all the providers, so again it's a very team approach and the patients are very well taken care of to maximize their efficiency and their stay and also to get them out of the hospital feeling comfortable and able to do what they can do after surgery.

The unique aspect of Miami Valley South is that it offers all the amenities that the bigger Miami Valley main hospital has to offer, but it's in a very small community setting. We have all the amenities here, such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, and any type of post- operative care that's needed is here and it's all dedicated to specifically spine and orthopedics,  which I think makes the patients feel very safe, comfortable, and allows for a nice post-operative recovery.

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Content Updated: March 10, 2015

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